Our Purpose is to protect communities and enable prosperity.

Our purpose is the value we bring to the world. Through the reinsurance that we provide, we help diversify risk and make insurance more available and affordable.

At RenaissanceRe, we all have a role to play in fulfilling our purpose. The work we do makes the world a more predictable place, giving individuals the confidence to invest in their lives, businesses and communities. We are also there when communities need us the most – helping them recover and rebuild after catastrophes and significant events.

Our Purpose is to protect communities and enable prosperity

Our Vision is to be the best underwriter.

Our vision is our overarching aspiration as a company. Our focus, and a key differentiator, is superior underwriting and we aim to be a “first call” market for managing our clients’ risk.

Our vision focuses our everyday actions, guides our key decisions and long-term ambitions, and pushes us to continuously innovate and improve. In every choice at RenaissanceRe, a foundational question is “Does this further our vision of being the best underwriter?” If not, why are we considering it?

Our Vision is to be the best underwriter

Our Mission is to match desirable risk with efficient capital.

We believe that the best underwriter most effectively matches desirable risk with efficient capital. To do this, we bring together two important stakeholder groups – our clients, who rely on us to manage their risk, and our investors, who trust us with managing their capital.

Risk is always the starting point and we have built a flexible global platform, longstanding client relationships, and innovative tools and technology to source and evaluate this risk. We then determine the best capital for the type of risk, which can be through our own balance sheets or joint venture vehicles managed by our industry-leading Capital Partners team.

Our Mission is to match desirable risk with efficient capital



Making communities more resilient.

From the beginning, we have applied our risk acumen to solve some of the most critical challenges facing society and are determined to shape a positive environment for our people and communities. We are committed to three key goals to deliver on this aim – promoting climate resilience, closing the protection gap and inducing positive social change.

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